WTIA Welcomes Jennifer Carlson

Happy New Year!

As the new Vice President of Business Development for the WTIA, I am looking forward to getting to know Washington’s technology companies and professionals personally in the coming months.  Tasked with growing the organization’s membership, both in general and within the health trust, I see a tremendous amount of opportunity to increase the number of member companies and provide increased value to our members.

My background coming into this role is wide in industry, but deep in development. Most recently I have operated as the VP of Business Strategy for a large east coast insurance broker managing internal sales operations, retention strategies and new business development programs. Additionally I have experience managing sales channels and large scale marketing campaigns for AIG and Progressive Insurance, as well as a background in direct sales for several sports properties including Seattle’s beloved WNBA team, the Storm. (Thank heaven YouTube didn’t exist during my college days where I worked as a standup comedian.)  As a resident of Seattle for more than five years, I truly embrace the Pacific Northwest as my home.

If you are already a member, you will soon see some changes in how we engage and communicate with you. For non-members, we will begin an outreach program to introduce you to the WTIA and further educate you on how you already benefit from our programs. We have a lot of exciting products and services to offer, and I encourage you to try one if you have not yet had the pleasure.

As we kick off the WTIA’s 30th Anniversary, we expect 2014 to be an incredible and transformative year for the organization. If you have member benefit suggestions or are interested in joining the WTIA, please contact me directly. I look forward to meeting you.


Jennifer Carlson
206-448-3033  x117

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