Invasive Technologies Work Session in Olympia Nov. 19

Hello readers,

As you have seen in previous posts, there is an ongoing legislative effort to regulate what are termed “invasive technologies”.  On November 19 in Olympia, there will be a work session to discuss these issues.

The three main topics of proposed legislation deal with regulating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), putting sideboards around government’s use of technology in surveillance and probably most relevant to the tech industry is a proposal to control one’s digital footprint.

Here is the link to the Nov. 19 work session:

The format for the work session is not yet determined but should be a wide ranging conversation that includes tech industry stakeholders.  WTIA is currently reviewing the proposals to determine a position to take, if necessary.

This is a good time to let you know that your scribe is moving on be in business for myself as an independent government relations consultant.  WTIA will be my client so I will still have my hands in tech industry public policy issues, just in a different capacity.  I am excited about this opportunity.

Thanks to all you loyal readers out there.  I hope to have provided some decent value to you.  Please contact me at if you’d like to keep up with tech industry goings on.

This blog will stay active so keep an eye out for future posts.  Thanks again.

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