The Success in Succession

The WTIA is delighted to welcome Michael Schutzler to the role of President and CEO of the WTIA. Michael’s impressive leadership background has the ideal combination of experience to continue the WTIA’s work supporting and advocating for Washington’s tech sector, and helping it to become one of the most vibrant innovation centers in the world.

These are exciting times as the WTIA prepares to turn 30 years old in 2014.  The association’s development and maturity are impressive, but this next phase of growth will be extraordinary.

Thank you to all the companies and individuals who have supported the WTIA on its path.  Your engagement and passion is what makes Washington’s tech community unique.

It’s been a pleasure to serve!

Best to all,


One thought on “The Success in Succession”

  1. Congratulations on an excellent run and great transiton. We are looking forward to working with WTIA to celebrate the 30th anniversary and grow into the next decade.
    All the best,
    Wistar Kay
    WA State Dept. Commerce

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