Bill Richter3

Information Technology Coalition Takes Off

Bill Richter3
Bill Richter, President of EMC’s Isilon Storage Division, provides an overview of the new Information Technology Coalition.

2012 has been a great year at the WTIA. One of the achievements we’re most excited about is the formation of the Information Technology Coalition which was announced last week at the Technology Alliance’s annual Washington Innovation Summit.

The newly formed Information Technology Coalition’s goal is to propose and win legislative approval of actions that will allow Washington’s good fortune to continue and for our state to assume the position as the premier location in the U.S. for technology companies.

Other states are competing aggressively to attract companies in the digital industry. We want our companies to continue to grow here in Washington, and to attract those not yet present.

The focus is to enhance the IT sector’s contributions to Washington’s economy, increase employment, speed up our exit from the aftermath of the recession and allow greater investments in infrastructure and education.

The IT sector has contributed hugely to Washington’s economy over the past 30 years. We believe it’s time to better tell our story and create a distinct identity that all Washingtonians can relate to and feel pride in. Aerospace and Life Sciences have done a terrific job of raising awareness of the benefits derived from their work and at advocating for policies that support their continued success. Until the formation of the Information Technology Coalition this collaborative, focused effort had not been done for IT.

Eight companies have contributed the initial seed capital to form the coalition: Amazon, AT&T, Big Fish Games, Concur, INRIX, Isilon Storage Division/EMC, Microsoft, and Synapse Product Development. The Coalition is working on an initial PR campaign and building the pool of companies that will represent the robust sector the WTIA is proud to represent.

We encourage you to join us! Please contact me at for more information.

And Happy Holidays — we look forward to working with you in 2013.


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